Called to Lead

We can go to many examples in scripture regarding God’s call in different people’s lives.

Abraham, Noah, Elijah, David, and Samuel are just a few that come to mind.

But there are few calls that are as clear as God’s call on the life of Jeremiah in Jeremiah 1:4-19.

After reading that, we uncover some key principles for us and how to lead others for God’s kingdom and God’s glory.

In other places in scripture, we see and know that how we lead is what sets up apart as Christians (see Mark 10:42 & 43).

So some principles we can glean from God’s call in Jeremiah’s life are:

  • God knows us and calls us – 1:5.
  • We need to take action on this call – 1:7, 17.
  • We find courage as God’s presence goes with us – 1:8, 17.
  • God provides for and protects His own – 1:8, 19.

These thoughts and ideas can bring us hope, strength, and comfort during those times when we like Jeremiah here and Moses centuries before, are humanly reluctant to accept what God has called us to.

So lets’ go forward, knowing that He who called us is faithful. Let’s take action trusting that He will provide the strength, the words, the wisdom, and whatever other resources we may need. And let’s move ahead with faith in God and determination in spirit.





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