Gracefully Leading

I love what one author has written about. I  love it so much that I keep coming back to it in my mind and my ministry.

It is a simple truth, but very profound. It is easy to understand and has implications in a myriad of situations (from parenting, to work, to friendships, etc.)


Here it is. Jesus was full of grace and truth John 1:14). Simple, yet far reaching. Key for us as Christian leaders, but deep enough to challenge us at every turn.

Jesus was full of grace and full of truth. He didn’t fall too hard on one side or the other.

So I need to ask myself, “Based on my belief in Jesus, am I full of grace and truth?” If we aren’t full of both, do we lean too heavily to one side at the expense of the other?

Let’s meditate on this thought (filling our minds with it) and ask God to help us live and lead full of grace and truth. When we do, we will be like and lead like Jesus.

PrintAs leaders in church world, we want to be both gospel-centered and grace-centered in our leading. And really they are both inextricably linked.

We want to lead others in a way that’s full of grace.

So let’s lead other as we follow Jesus and let’s gracefully lead them.


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