Speaking Life

So there is a house on my way to work that caught fire last fall. I remember thinking, “How sad for that family.” I never did hear much about them and how they were doing.

The house was almost a total loss. It has stood burned out and vacant for about 8 months.


I drive by this house every day on my way to work.

That being the case, imagine my surprise when in one afternoon I find out that the house was demolished and the remains put in a big dumpster in a matter of a few hours.

That got me thinking about our words as leaders. Our words can either build up or tear down.

Building a house takes a long time. We were privileged enough to have a friend build a house for us. It took about three months from start to finish.

What takes 3 months to build, can be torn down in a matter of hours.

And so it is with our words.

We can carefully build people up, but with one little spark, one negative comment here or there, and our pouring into someone and encouraging them can be undone quicker than we think.

James 3:1-12 speaks of this. The power of life and death is in the tongue. Words help and heal or they wound and weary.

That helps us to discover the power of our words to help build people up or tear them down.

Let’s think before we speak, especially when we work in “church world.”

Let’s realize that our words can bring life, encouragement, and revitalization to others. When we have the opportunity to speak life in Jesus’ name from God’s word, let’s take it.







“Sometimes wisdom in leadership is to know which of the squeaky wheels needs oil.”

old-oil-canNot every issue or complaint needs addressed immediately. Part of wisdom in leadership lies in knowing which situations need addressed and which do not. Often times this is more art than science.

Part of the wisdom in determining which one is which is asking the following question,

“Is there any truth to what they’re saying?”

That simple question can bring wisdom, discernment, and clarity to bear on the situation. You can then decide whether it needs addressed right away or it can wait.

Via con Dios.

And glorify God as you lead.



I shared this last Wednesday night at our adult bible study and prayer time:
“You can neither create a movement of God’s Spirit nor control it. But you can build an atmosphere conducive to spiritual momentum, thereby serving as a human catalyst for what God has decided to do.”
                                                                         Wayne Schmidt
                                                                         Leading When God is Moving 
What do you think are some of the best ways to foster an atmosphere like this?

Leading With Love

There is a little-known book out there that can be a big benefit to anyone in any form of Christian leadership or Christian service. It is called Leading with Love. I am currently in the middle of reading it.

This book, written by Alexander Strauch, helps us in our understanding of love and in our applying it to leadership situations or areas where we might have spiritual influence with someone. Strauch has written many books, the most popular and likely the best known is Biblical Eldership.

Strauch takes Paul’s outline and definition of love from 1 Corinthians 13 and uses these as a framework for the book. In essence, he wants to help us define love in leadership contexts and refine how we apply it from our biblical understanding.

The author lays out in simple and an easy-to-understand way reminders about what love is and new ideas for applying what we know about love to leading others.

If you want to live and lead with love, this book would be a good one to pick up. the ideas he presents can be applied to local church ministry, in marriages, work settings, or even in friendships.

In short, I am discovering ideas about applying love to leadership and I am being reminded about how crucial it is for life and leadership today.

This book is solid biblically and is a great recommendation for anyone looking for something to read in the upcoming new year.

If you pick it up and find some nuggets of truth that help you in your leadership, would you mind sharing them here? Maybe you have already red it. Feel free to share your highlights as well. They might encourage or enlighten others.

Ood Gay Ommunication Cay

Does the title of this article make sense to you?

Would it help you if I mentioned that it says “Good Communication” in Pig Latin?

Someone said, “The greatest mistake in communication is to believe that it has happened.”

This is true in life, friendships, marriage relationships, and work relationships. It is also true in church world.

The biggest task people in church world have is to communicate. This relates to preaching and teaching, but also to communicating vision and who is responsible for what in your organization.

We want to traffic in truth. We want to speak the truth and do it in a loving way – Ephesians 4:15.

What is at stake if we are sloppy in our communication? Clarity. What can happen if we weren’t clear? Confusion.

To be clear here, God cares about what we say, but He also cares how we say it.

I am trying to help you by encouraging clarity and good communication.

In my role at the church where I serve, I want things to be more clear, not more cloudy. I want clear communication, not chaotic confusion.

A phrase that can help us all in this area is, “Don’t communicate to be understood. Communicate to avoid being misunderstood.” The second way drives us to strive for clarity.

May this help you in your speaking, your communication with your staff, communication with new people, casting vision to others, communication with people in your community…really with everyone you come in contact with.

Is it harder to communicate to avoid being misunderstood? Yes. Does it take more time? Yes.

But will it be better in the long run? Yes, in a multitude of different way.

It can help you more if you start today.

May God give us clarity of mind, clarity of heart, and clarity of  speech…for His Kingdom and His glory…amen.

“Christian Paramedics?”

In an effort to blog more and interact more, I share the following quote from a book I read about three years ago.

“Christians should stop trying to be the police and start being the paramedics.”
Kyle Idleman, AHA book
  • Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not?
  • What do you think has lead this to be a more dominant attitude in the Christian church in America than it should be?
  • As Christian leaders, what are some successful ways you have lead people to this kind of urgency related to God’s mission and sharing Jesus with friends and family members?
Let’s interact some regarding this idea.